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Weekly Spelling

 In my classroom I like to differentiate spelling.   Here is how it works:

On Mondays, every student in my room will take the same 4th grade level spelling PRETEST.  This is a list that comes from the story of the week from our reading book. We will take the pretest in a spiral notebook that the students will bring home Monday night so you can see which words they missed. When the pretest is completed, we grade it to see which words the students did not spell correctly.  If students miss more than 5-7 words they will only go to twenty words for the final test. If they miss less than 5-7 words than they will be given the five  "challenge" words. If students are exceling each week and getting the extra challenge words correct, they will then be moved onto a completely different list that will hopefully offer more of a challenge.They then need to return the spiral notebook on Tuesday so it is here at school ready for the next week. Your child's list of words for the week will come home on a spelling contract. If your child returns the contract at the end of the week with parent/guardian signatures stating they studied the words, they will earn extra tickets to use at our quarterly auctions. Finally, on Thursdays we do a "practice test." If students score a hundred percent on the practice test, they do not have to take the final test on Friday. smileyPlease look over your child's practice test as it will tell you which words they need to further study before the test on Friday.


Thank you for your support!