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Procedures & Daily Schedule

Explorer Elementary Morning Announcements Script


Instructions: Tell us your name and what grade you are in. If you like, share a good thing with us. Then, choose one or two 7 habits to share. Next, recite the school family pledge. Finally, recite the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Send your video to Mrs. Blurton at By submitting a video, you are authorizing Explorer to post your video on our Facebook page. Thanks for your help Tiger Cub families!

Explorer School Family Pledge


This is my school. 

I will take responsibility for everything I say and do.

I will do my best every day.

I will use kind words.

I will help other people.

I will be safe.

Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to the flag

Of the United States of America

To the republic, for which it stands

One nation, under God, indivisible

With liberty and justice for all.




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  Jones Wlelan Jones Whelan


  Arlt Mann Arlt Mann


  Hommie Noller Hommie Noller


  Christensen   Christensen  


  Leis Royse Leis Royse


  Klein Lilly Klein Lilly


  Maddox Viramontez Maddox Viramontez


  Blasi Gosch Blasi Gosch


 Graber Lemon Klein Lemon Klein


  Clapp Vermillion Clapp Vermillion


Students will visit the library for 30 minutes twice per week. The first visit will include book checkout, along with a literacy-based lesson or STEM activity. The 2nd visit will focus primarily on learning new technology skills!

Kindergarten students may check out 1 book per week.

All other students may check out a maximum of 3 books per week.

Overdue notices will be emailed as needed.

Students that forget their books will have reading options in the library, but will not check out new books until old materials are returned.

The library will be open for open check-out on Mondays.

Have a damaged or lost book to deal with? Please contact the library at 316-794-4173 for assistance. 

Kelly Blurton

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