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Rod Kline

                                                                                                                                                               August 14, 2017
Dear Parents,
I am happy to have your son or daughter in fourth grade, and I am looking forward to a great year together.  I believe that it is extremely important for teachers and parents to work closely together to insure the best possible education for each child.  With your help, that’s what your child will receive this year. 
This will be my 30th year in education.  I guess the old saying is true:  Time does fly when you’re having fun!  26 of those years have been spent here in Goddard at Clark Davidson School, Oak Street Elementary, and Explorer Elementary.   Prior to teaching in Goddard I taught in McPherson four years.  I have taught second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grades as well as gifted education.   
I have high, but realistic expectations for all of my students.  I want my students to realize that they can all be successful in their classroom.  I consider it my job to help each student work up to his or her potential, and I strive to provide learning opportunities that reach students at whatever level they may be.  I’ll incorporate enrichment as well as remedial activities whenever necessary to meet the needs of each child.  I will work to create a safe atmosphere that is the most conducive to learning.  I want learning to be enjoyable for the students, but I also want them to realize that it does take a lot of hard work and effort on their parts.   
There will be specific assignments given every day at school.  Many of these assignments will need to be completed during the school day.  Most of my students realize that if they use their time wisely at school, they’ll have very little work that needs to be taken home.  If a student is given sufficient time to complete an assignment during the school day but chooses not to finish it, he or she shall then be required to take the assignment home.  If the assignment is not completed by the beginning of the next school day, the student will use either their free time or recess time to complete the work.  I will contact you if incomplete work becomes a problem. 
Each student will also have a daily agenda book.  Please encourage your child to write down his or her assignments in the agenda book each day and bring it home.  I will not, however, sign the agenda book or require a parent’s signature unless it becomes necessary to help a student finish work.  A completed work folder will be coming home with each student usually on a weekly basis.  Whenever possible, please sit down with your son or daughter and look over this graded work with him or her.  The folder should be signed and returned to school.  Students receiving lower that 70% on a daily assignment will usually have the opportunity to rework the assignment.  The two scores will then be averaged together for the grade. You can access your child’s grades at any time through Skyward.  I try to update grades weekly. 
In order to provide my students with the best educational climate, I have developed the following classroom expectations:
*Be in your seat ready to work no later than 8:40 each morning. 
*Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself. 
*Listen and follow directions.
*Raise your hand before speaking.
*Respect your classmates and your teachers.
If a child does not meet one of these expectations, he or she will, in most cases, be given a verbal warning.  If there continues to be a problem, the child and I will discuss the problem, why it’s a problem, as well as possible consequences and solutions.  If this doesn’t work, your child and/or I will be contacting you.   Children meeting these expectations will receive additional privileges.
In addition to the general curriculum, all of my students will be exposed to a great deal of critical thinking and problem-solving activities.  These activities tend to have a math and language arts emphasis.  I feel that these activities are very valuable and fun for all learners.  Working these problems will give student practice in logical thinking, analyzing relationships, strengthening vocabularies, reinforcing math concepts, and increasing creativity. 
Our classroom schedule will be as follows:



9:00-9:25                       Reading WIN  

9:30-10:00                     Social Studies (M-W-F)

                                      Science (T-Th-F)

10:00-10:15                   Recess

10:20-10:30                   Snack

10:30-11:00                   Spelling

11:00-11:40                   Language

11:50-12:20                   PE (M-W) Music (T-Th)

12:20-1:10                    Reading 

1:15-1:40                      Lunch

1:45-2:00                      Recess

2:05-2:25                      Silent Reading    

2:25-3:25                      Math

3:30-3:55                     Comp Lab (M-W)

                                    Learning Lab (T-Th) 

4:01                              Dismissal


Library                          Tuesdays  10:20-11:00

Counselor                     Wednesdays  2:30-3:00



Due to our late lunch time this year, I will be making it an option for the students to bring a small healthy snack to eat during the morning if they would like.
I am looking forward to having the opportunity to work with your son or daughter this year.  My goal is to provide each student with the best possible learning opportunities, and for each student to have an enjoyable, successful, and challenging school year.   Please feel free to visit our classroom whenever possible.  If you ever need to contact me, please e-mail me at                
                                                                                                                                    Rod Kline


























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